Dreams of You

This is a collection of 16 tunes Cynthia dearly loves.  A combination of originals & jazz standards, some are songs she has performed live for years and has always wanted to record.  Others are new, sent to her by songwriters she deeply respects.   We are so grateful for their talents.

"Dreams of You" is over 78 minutes of beautiful ballads, swingy bossas, & groovin', grindin' bluesy, rhythmic up-tempo tunes that are flat-out fun!  

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This CD was a real joy to hear, from start to finish.

Cynthia Kaay Bennett has the greatest gift a jazz singer can have:  adaptability.  Whether she’s doing a tender ballad like “You Go To My Head”, a light swinger like “You Can Count On Me”, an uptempo burner like “Every Night Of The Week”, or a slyly clever piece like” Love By Number”, Miss Bennett shows a command of the material which leaves the listener in no doubt that she “gets it”.  It’s not just a question of a lovely voice or excellent pitch (although she possesses both) but an understanding of each song on its own merit, and a willingness to adapt herself to the music, rather than attempting to do the reverse.

There’s something for everyone on this CD, even though she keeps it all Straight Ahead.  And in the last analysis, that’s the best thing you can say about any jazz recording artist.

John Segers,
Music Director
WUCF-FM Orlando 89.9
Jazz & More

 From the opening melody statement on “You Go To My Head”, the first song on her “Dreams Of You” CD, it is obvious that Cynthia Kaay Bennett is a superior jazz vocalist.  She changes a couple of the notes, adding excitement and honest emotion to the song that had never been heard in that particular spot. But “Dreams Of You” is full of unexpected delights.  Cynthia Kaay Bennett has a beautiful voice; she performs mostly obscure yet rewarding material and performs one of the best versions of Bob Dorough’s “But For Now” ever waxed.  “But For Now”, which was recorded by Jamie Cullum a few years ago, deserves to be in the repertoire of many singers.  

Ms. Bennett, who is responsible for the arrangements, is accompanied by pianist Eric Dickey, guitarist Ralph Tope, bassist Paul Keller and drummer Scott Kretzer.  Most of the songs that she performs are little known in the jazz world such as “You Can Count On Me”, “Every Night Of The Week”, “I Wish I Didn’t Know” and “Baby Plays Around”.  An exception is “Charade” which is swung as hard as any version I’ve heard.  Whether interpreting ballads or finding the perfect note to hit on a medium-tempo song, Cynthia Kaay Bennett proves to be at the top of her field. 

Scott Yanow
Los Angeles Jazz Scene